New Zealand Vehicle Imports

New Zealand Vehicle Imports – Clients that would like New Zealand Vehicle Imports all require a import permit. These import permits are required whether its a private individual or company…each person needs this unique import number for a vehicle import. The Seabrook NZ Branch is on hand to obtain your import number and the good news is that once we have completed this, it is a import number for New Zealand for life which all other shipments can be processed through as long as the person is alive or company is in existence.

Attached is the application form we require to be filled in to start the process: “Trade Single Window – Client Registration Application“.

The Seabrook New Zealand office works on your behalf with the New Zealand Customs Service to complete the application on your behalf as your registered and licensed import agency.

Attached is the personal imports declaration form: “Unaccompanied Personal Baggage Declaration

If you want to read up more about this from the official New Zealand Customs Service page, then click here

Here is the official “Ministry for Primary Industries” page for infomation on importing vehicles into New Zealand.

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