Buying a vehicle in SA


There are many markets around the world that still offer great value for money when it comes to vehicles, and South Africa is one of them.
The poor Rand value plays a big part in this, but perhaps more important, is the stock that is available. SA has diversity, not only as a nation, but also in its offerings of cars:
Classic Cars, Vintage, Sports, supercars, race cars, motorcycles, equipment, agricultural and farm machinery, caravans, trailers, motorhomes and so the list continues…

At Seabrook we work across the board from international dealers right down to the one time, first time buyer. We understand the process, as well as your mind set, so we are here to assist in the best way. More often than not, its daunting to buy an unseen vehicle from another country, especially from a 3rd world country on the ‘other’ side of the world, that could be dubbed dubious because of the headlines it makes. The truth is that it can be, and is, pretty simple and straight forward if you follow our guidelines:

Lets look at a 10 step scenario with a classic car:

  • There are many online portals from which you can source your next dream ride.
    • There are online portals selling anything and everything as well as the niche classic car sales.
    • We can advise you in this regard.
  • A barn find is pretty hard to come by these days – almost anywhere in the world.
    • We have a range of scouts who actively source vehicles for buyers direct from sellers.
  • Auctions are usually a good place to find great deals…but you need to be there right?
    • Our scouts can be on site to put their hand up for you.
  • Now that you have found your classic, how to communicate?
    • We put you in direct contact with the seller to negotiate your deal.
    • Some buyers prefer not to deal with the seller directly, which is also where we can assist you.
  • Determining if the vehicle is what someone says it is:
    • Pictures…and lots of them!
    • We also have mechanics who can go out and check the car to make sure its within the standards which you expect.
  • Price is right, car is what you looking for, so how do you pay?
    • This is often the scary part for international buyers – how do you know that the seller won’t run off with your money?
    • South Africans are not that bad, but just to make sure you are protected, we have a full list of the process you should follow to protect yourself.
  • Paperwork on the vehicle – don’t forget about this crucial step – the vehicle still needs to be exported.
    • This step is a really important step in the process, so we suggest speaking to us early on to find out what you need from a seller.
    • Many buyers get stuck here because they don’t know the local traffic department regulations as well as the South African Police rules regarding licenses, clearance, traffic forms etc etc.
    • This is where Seabrook can take over, we can deal directly with the buyer and make sure we get what’s needed so that the vehicle can be exported.
    • Please call us before you conclude the deal because IF we don’t get the right paperwork from the seller, then your vehicle wont be able to leave the country.
  • Deal is now done, what next?
    • For starters your vehicle may be located in some remote part of the country and we need to relocate it to our facility in Cape Town.
    • No problem, we move all manner of vehicles, all of the time.
    • Cape Town is where our specialist loading takes place – something you definitely want to benefit from with a lovely classic car.
  • Vehicle arrives at the Seabrook Warehouse.
    • Read up on our storage page (insert link) to ensure that your vehicle will be looked after as you would want or expect.
    • We then complete the paper trail admin process and have it readied for export.
  • Ready for Export
    • Now we are ready to ship your car.
    • We load it in a secure container and ship it your way.
    • Turn-around time? It all happens pretty quickly because this is what we do. We specialise in vehicle shipping!

New Cars, modern cars and claiming back VAT.

We ship an entire variety of vehicles and as such, we have the answers to most (and hopefully all) of your questions.
We can assist with the reclaim of the VAT on a purchase as well.
You can try telling a dealer that they shouldn’t be charging VAT for export, but unfortunately its a dead end. Please speak to us before you pay for anything which incurs VAT.

If you are at this stage, you have most likely have read up on all sorts of horror stories on the internet about vehicle export. Please consult us before you get worried or you are given the wrong information. We ship cars, its what we do and we ship a lot of them. Our processes work from start to finish and we are here to assist and guide you all the way so it can be hassle free.

Contact our SA Branch now for more detailed info.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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