Temporary Import & Export Permits

Temporary Import / Export Permits


These can come in the form of an ATA Carnet OR a Carnet du Passage en Douane (CPD) depending on what you need to ship and where.

This type of permit is a permit recognised by customs entry and exit officials, around the world, for people wanting to be able to move their vehicles ‘freely’. This is commonly used by owners of Campervans, Motorhomes, Overlanders and long distance motorbike cruisers who travel through numerous countries. Foreigners travelling into the country for a length of time can also make use of the Carnet permit so that they can bring their vehicles into the country for a stipulated period of time, which will negate the need for purchasing a vehicle or acquiring an extended rental. Film companies often make use of the Carnet too.

Some critical information from the office page for the ATA Carnet:

Temporary Admission.

Conditions to be observed by the ATA Carnet holder

Goods imported under an ATA Carnet should not be sold. Such goods must be re-exported by the ATA Carnet holder within the period approved for their temporary admission by the foreign Customs. It is therefore, particularly important to obtain the correct Customs verification of entry and exit from each country visited. Failure to do so may well lead to Customs duty and penalty or tax being imposed.

Note: The use of the ATA Carnet does not absolve the holder from observing the Customs regulations of the countries that participate in the ATA Carnet system. For example, in certain circumstances an import license may also be required.

The advantages of using the ATA Carnet system

The ATA Carnet system eliminates the need for a Customs declaration, as the ATA Carnet system gives instant recognition and acceptability by foreign Customs Officials at border points thus avoiding the necessity for a deposit or guarantee by the forwarder and exporter to the foreign country of temporary importation. It permits commercial or professional travellers to make Customs arrangements in advance locally, quickly and at a predetermined cost.

It enables travellers the use of a single ATA Carnet for goods accompanied or unaccompanied to visit an unlimited number of countries which will pass through several Customs authorities during the course of one trip.

The guarantee period

The primary purpose of the ATA Carnet is to give an acceptable guarantee to the Customs authorities of a foreign country into which the goods are temporarily imported, that all duties and taxes will be paid to them if the conditions under which they allow these goods into their country, are breached. The Chambers of Commerce participating in the ATA Carnet system provide this guarantee to the Customs authorities. It follows, therefore that the issuing Chamber must in turn receive equivalent security from the ATA Carnet holder. The 31-month guarantee period is essential, as this is the period during which the Chamber itself remains liable. There is of course no need for the security to be given ‘at risk’, throughout this period. If an ATA Carnet is used for four weeks and is returned to the Chamber without delay and found to be in order, a ‘conditional discharge’, may be given at the Chambers discretion and the deposit/guarantee will be returned within a shorter time.

Key Useful Information for the Carnet de Passages en Douane for South Africa:


1. Issuing Fee

R3,200.00 for the value of goods up to R100,000.00
R4,800.00 for the value of goods over R100,000.00

2. Deposit or Guarantee Letter:

50% of the total value of the goods.
25 % of the total value of the goods for the Carnets to Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia & Swaziland (BLNS)

Minimum Deposit is R5,000.00

Useful links:

World wide info: http://www.atacarnet.com/south-africa
SA Application: http://www.sacci.org.za/

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