Vehicle Export – shipping out of SA

Seabrook South Africa exports hundreds of cars each year. It is our core business and as a result we have become highly efficient at it.


There are a few key factors with exporting cars out of South Africa:

  1. Import Permits – can you obtain an import permit at the country of destination? Seabrook has numerous global branches and we are therefore primed with the knowledge to assist in acquiring these permits, as our reciprocal branches handle imports from all over the world. Our corresponding agents know the necessary requirements to be able to obtain the import approvals and most importantly, they know the import regulations, customs and duties applicable. Very quickly, we can inform you of what duties, VAT, Taxes, GST and custom charges you may or may not be liable for. This is critical information when deciding how many cars to export, when and in what order.
  2. Export Permits – this is our game! We can complete the entire process for you from start to finish. It really can be as simple as handing over the car to us (we do local re-locations all over the country to our warehouses and loading facilities) with just your original traffic registration papers. Everything else can be completed via email correspondence. Read up more on the process here.
  3. Shipping type & cost – we look at your route, vehicle dimensions and current location and decide on the optimal method of shipping and then provide you with solutions. We can provide shipping for various types of vehicles including cars, bikes, boats, caravans, trailers, motorhomes, agri equipment and many more. We will advise you with the best shipping method which varies according to the differing vehicle types. Containerized shipping is priority followed by RORO or ‘Roll on,Roll off’ as well as the Break-Bulk. More information regarding these shipping types can be read here. (content to come). We offer attractive rates, which are often the most effective in the market, however, our clients choose us repeatedly based more specifically on the professionalism of service and proven expertise in the handling their vehicle shipments. Read up more on the process here.
  4. Loading – this is where our 30 years of experience and expertise plays a vital role. As loading specialists, we load with 1 rule always taking preference. SAFETY! And there is a very good reason for this too. We only insure cargo that we, ourselves, have loaded as we follow strict guidelines with the best practices to ensure safe cargo. This means that we spare no costs and a great amount of time has been taken to engineer all facets pertaining to our structures used in the containers. Read up more on our loading process here.
  5. Shipping – we make use of the most direct route so that your cargo arrives as soon as possible. Our turn-around time from the initial phone call or email is swift. Our entire global team is on-hand to respond and react quickly so that no time is lost. An example is where Seabrook Cape Town can have your car delivered to you in the UK, at your door, in under 20 days…from start to finish. We load between 2 and 4 containers a week so we just slot you in and ship it. Simple!

An overview of a typical example of shipping a car from South Africa to the United Kingdom – SA vehicle Export:

  1. Scenario: British citizen / expat moving back to the UK who wants to take their vehicle with OR SA citizen relocating to the UK wanting to transport their vehicle there or a sale transaction / business / dealer.
  2. Process: Contact us in the early stages to find out what you need to know and do.
  3. Paperwork: We will need the following paperwork from you to get the process rolling.
    A – ID and Passport
    B – Vehicle registration papers
  4. Police Clearance for Export for your vehicle
    A – To obtain an export permit, you need and RPC (Request for Police Clearance) and then your vehicle must undergo a Police Clearance with Micro Dotting.
    B – We can complete this entire process for you. It can be rather painful sitting in queues, but luckily we have contacts to ensure that its done in just one day.
  5. Then we can start the application process.
    1 – Now that we have the right paperwork, we can apply to ITAC for an export permit.
    2 – Normally one would have to get their own export code / license, but why do that when we have one to use for all of our clients!
  6. Now we are ready to ship
    1 – We book your vehicle onto a shipment, arrange with customs , load the cargo and then off it goes.
  7. Of course on our end, there is still much to do, however for you as the client, your admin towards this export process is complete.
  8. Arrival on the other end:
    1 – We will stay in touch along the way informing you of when your vehicle is due to arrive. The car is either collected at our warehouse OR we arrange a delivery at your door.
    2 – Our Seabrook team will handle the import customs and duties for you as the clearing agent.
    3 – If the vehicle needs to be modified to meet the road rules, our local Seabrook team will advise you where to have this work completed or simply arrange it for you.
  9. Drive away in YOUR car – Vehicle shipping made simple for our clients.

Talk to us. Find out what it takes. Come and meet us. We are car guys. We love cars just as much as you. Let us take care of your vehicle shipping.
We ship for all types of persons in the car industry: dealers both locally and internationally; private individuals relocating, private individuals selling their cars abroad, carnets for temporary exports, race teams moving their cars and racing around the world, groups partaking in rallies as well as those persons shipping car parts. The sheer variety of cars that we handle is incredible.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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