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Every vehicle needs an Export Permit before it can be cleared by customs. The body that issues these permits is called ITAC and therefore appropriately naming it an ITAC permit. You may have been informed that you need to apply for an exporters licence to be able to ship your car. With us, this is not the case, as we have a commercial licence that covers all of our clients. We do the ITAC permit application for you, the fee for which is included in our rates.

In order to obtain an ITAC Export Permit, there is certain documentation that is required.

We offer this as a service from start to finish so you don’t have to run around to the various departments and stand in queues. When you apply for a shipping rate, this rate is included.

RPC – Request for Police Clearance Download Example Document

  1. This process is pretty straight forward. You go into your local traffic department with your original traffic registration papers as well as your ID and request an RPC.
  2. The traffic department should give you a 2 page form that is stamped, signed and dated.

Data DottingDownload Example Document

  1. Also known at Micro Dotting
  2. Most roadworthy centres will offer this service.
  3. If you have realtively new new car, check with the dealer or in your service book, as there is a good chance the vehicle has already been dotted.

Police Clearance for ExportDownload Example Document

  1. This requires going to your nearest Police Clearance centre and asking for Police Clearance for Export.
  2. You will receive a single page form with all the necessary stamps, dates and signature.
  3. Make sure that the form includes where the car is being exported to.

We also need the following information from you upon applying:

  1. The value of the vehicle.
  2. If the vehicle is being shipped through a dealer or you just purchased it, then we will need the bill of sale / invoice.
  3. Your ID /Passport.
  4. ITAC can request more documentation, so please be available via email to respond to us.

We carry out this whole service IF you are Cape Town based and the car was registered here. IF your vehicle is outside of Cape Town, then all you need to complete is the RPC and we can then do the rest. We will send you an authorisation letter allowing us to do this on your behalf. From here onwards, all you need to do is be on hand via email.

Once we have applied for the ITAC permit, the process usually takes a few days.
Once received, we are ready to ship and now we can clear the cargo with Customs.
We then book your vehicle into one of our shipments.

Next up is the loading, click here to see more on this.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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