Shipping Type & Shipping Costs

When shipping vehicles there are 3 main methods of shipping: Containerized, RORO and Break Bulk.

We will advise which type of shipping best suits your cargo.

Containerised Shipping of vehicles.


  1. This method is limited by the size of your cargo. We have a 20FT / 6m long container OR a 40FT / 12m long container to choose from.
  2. With our more popular routes we offer a consolidation service where we load more than 1 vehicle into a container.
    1. This optimises space and reduces your shipping fee based on container sharing.
    2. We can load between 1 to 5 cars into a 40FT container.
    3. We do this using 2 loading systems, R-Rack and Wooden Ramps – read more about the loading here.
    4. Containerised shipping almost always departs from Cape Town, where we have weekly sailing schedules to our most popular destinations. From here, we also have a more direct route so the transit time is quick.
    5. Container shipping is considered to be the safest method of shipping due to less handling of your vehicle. The bulk of classics, vintage cars, race cars, sentimental cars and expensive vehicles are shipped this way. All vehicles that are shipped by means of a container are stored at our secure warehouse, free of charge, until we load. Read more about our storage options and benefits here. Link to storage page.
    6. Container shipping is available in all main ports.
    7. Check with us what can fit into a container. We fit small trucks, boats, caravans and motorhomes…it all depends on the dimensions of the vehicle for transit.

Roro or “Roll on, Roll off”


  1. This is where your vehicle is loaded onto a specialised vessels deck amongst other vehicles.
  2. This type of shipping is widely considered to be the cheapest, HOWEVER, with our shared platform, we are able to offer more competitive rates for container shipping, with the added benefits thereof.
  3. We find that RORO shipping occurs less frequently an the transit time can be longer.
  4. RORO only sails out of the Durban and Port Elizabeth ports.
  5. If you are relocating your vehicle from another city to these ports, be prepared for possible storage fees that may result for various reasons.
  6. Larger vehicles may need to be shipped using the RORO method. Motorhomes, Caravans, Boats, Trucks and Agri Equipment.
  7. In order for us to provide you with rates for RORO shipping, we require the dimensions and weight of the vehicle. A picture or two often helps too.

Break Bulk

  1. Also known as General Cargo
  2. This type of shipping is mostly reserved for commercial cargo which will need to be loaded individually by crane onto the ships hold.
  3. It is not as common as it once was, however, we use it for certain types of cargo and routes which have been found to be reputable.

Based on the information that you provide on your vehicle, we will best advise the most optimal method to ship with as well as the route to be followed. Rates will vary accordingly. To apply for a rate, please click here.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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