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Shipping Cars/Vehicles to Australia?


Sea shipping to Australia to business customers, as well as private clients is what we do.

We export cars, boats, caravans and motorhomes to Australia, meaning we`re helping you import cars from Australia.

Shipping Cars/ Vehicles to Australia Services

Shipping To Australia From is what we do.

We are shipping cars and vehicles to Australia from other countries. Australia is destination country for us, meaning we provide services for car export to Australia.

Car Import Australia | Importing Cars/ Vehicle(s) to Australia:

  • USA to Australia forwarder, shipping/ importing cars and vehicles from USA to Australia (USA car shipping to Australia, USA boat shipping to Australia, USA caravan shipping to Australia, USA motorhome shipping to Australia)
  • UK to Australia forwarder, shipping/ importing cars and vehicles from UK, Europe to Australia (UK & Europe car shipping to Australia, UK & Europe boat shipping to Australia, UK & Europe caravan shipping to Australia, UK & Europe motorhome shipping to Australia)

Cars/Vehicle Shipping To Australia

We ship cars, boats, caravans, motorhomes, 5th wheels auto, bikes and groupage, but we also are involved in groupage shipments. We do Australia car export, Australia boat exports, Australia caravan export, Australia motorhome export, Australia LCL Cargo Shipping, Australia Container Shipping. We offer door to door shipping service, we will follow up your shipment from A to Z.

Why Ship to Australia with us? Good to know:

  • In Australia cars, motorhomes, boats can be worth up to 2 or 3 times their UK/US value.
  • A car newer than 1988 must be owned and used in the UK/USA for over 12 months first and the importer must have Australian residency.
  • An import approval is required from the Australian Government which can take up to 4–6 weeks to obtain.
  • We have been shipping cars, boats, caravans by container to/ from Australia for 30+ years.
  • Ships sail weekly taking 6–7 weeks and it can take 2–4 weeks in Australia to import and register a car.
  • Australian import taxes are 5% duty on the vehicle customs value + 10% GST on the same value + the duty + the shipping costs.
  • Australian paperwork and procedures can be very particular, exacting and costly, although it can all be worthwhile.
  • The Australian Government is continually updating the rules, regulations and duty / tax rates. It is important that any advice received is current and is checked with the appropriate Authority in Australia.

For more details, specific terms and conditions, rules and regulations for car or vehicle shipping to/from Australia, please visit Australia FAQ Section.

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