Boat Shipping

Boat Shipping


Seabrook Cargo Services offers the best rates that you can find for Boat Shipping. We are importers and exporters of boats with 10+ years of international experience in this industry.

We provide global boat transport and have moved many types of boats all over the world. It is important that your boat is packed correctly while using the right materials otherwise you risk damages to your boat. Here at Seabrook Cargo Services we use the most efficient and modern techniques to ensure that your boat arrives in perfect condition and that no damages occur during boat shipping.

Where we ship boats to/ from:

Our popular routes for boat shipping include:

  • USA to SA, NZ, Aus and the UAE.
  • South Africa to New Zealand and Australia
  • We have many boats being shipped into Europe – UK, Belgium, France, Germany, Spain and western Europe.

Why Choose Us for Shipping Your Boat?

  1. Choose Seabrook Cargo Services for your boat shipping because cost, risk and safety are our primary concerns.
    1. Cost of boat shipping.
    a. We offer the best competitive rates from dedicated marine professionals who are ready to process your global shipment.

2. Risk of boat transport and boat shipping:

  • We have high standards with zero tolerance for any damage;
  • We avoid risk by informing our clients about which boats will not containerize safely;
  • We will not place a boat completely on its side, which would affect the structural integrity of the hull.
  • We have comprehensive insurance available for peace of mind
  • Our track record for safety is impeccable.

3. Safety of your boat during transport and boat shipping

  • It is paramount that the containers can be unpacked without causing damage to the shipment
  • On every shipment we send clear unpacking instructions with detailed photos;
  • We also build in safety features to make unpacking as fool proof as possible to prevent damage during the unpacking process.
  • Our regular routes benefit from our Seabrook teams on the other side…

4. Superior cradle design from steel

  • We have developed a superior cradle from steel;
  • The Chine support, we custom design two cushion support brackets that gives a 12” footprint each that distributes weight evenly across the port side chine;
  • On the bottom of the cradle you will find ¾” plywood (ISPM-15) that allows the cradle to slide easily across the deck for easy removal.

5. On the Base & Keel Support:

  • We use tubular steel for strength;
  • Keel support uses 8”x8” cushioned plywood pads (exactly same as boat stands used in every boat yard).

Why we use steel over wood for boat transportation & shipping?

Over the years we’ve perfected the steel cradle.

1. Wood is very bulky – takes up valuable space in the container, limiting the size of boats that can be containerized.

2. Our Steel Cradles are low profile – this maximizes space and allows us to containerise larger boats safely which our competitors tend to struggle with.

3. Steel is a much more precise material to work with

  • We’re able to customize our cradles for each specific boat model;
  • We’re able to pack larger boat combinations as the steel framework enables us to be extremely precise on our boat slant and tilt angles to allow bows to cross with plenty of clearance.

4. Lower cost for boat shipping.

  • Wood requires a lot of material so it’s relatively expensive;
  • All our cradles are fabricated in house and require minimal materials. We’re able to offer our services at a very competitive price.

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Our clients include:

We offer containerized shipping for boats and Roro options for larger boats.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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