Car Shipping


Car Shipping

Seabrook Cargo Services is renowned for vehicle shipping. It’s what we specialize in. Motor Car shipping is a substantial part of our business. We ship cars around the world, and as a result of our large volumes, we are able to offer our clients the best rates in the business. Our loading and packing technique, along with the quality of professional service on your shipment, is what we have become known for within the trade.

There is wide variety of vehicles that we ship. Our first decision is to decide what method works best for your type of vehicle, your location and your needs. This is largely dependant on the size of your vehicle. Usually, our first preference is to ship vehicles in containers. However, there are limitations with regards to size in this instance, which is why it’s always important to know dimensions and weight. Also, if your vehicle is a runner or non-runner it is useful to know, so that we can best determine what method of shipping to employ. A picture of your vehicle is always welcomed as it shows us what we are dealing with.

Based on the information that you provide on your vehicle, we will best advise the most optimal method to ship with as well as the route to be followed. Rates will vary accordingly. To apply for a rate, please click here.

Packing stations:

Our own vehicle packing stations are located in Auckland, Lyttleton, Brisbane, Melbourne, Cape Town, Charleston, New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, Felixstowe, Antwerp, Malaga, Valencia and Barcelona.

In these specified freight stations we can load and pack single cars, 2 cars, 3 cars and up to 6 cars in a 40 FT HQ . This is, of course, all dependent on the size of the cars and the preference of our clients. Now, you may be wondering how we could load 6 cars in only one container?! We have over 30 years of experience in loading globally – that is how! Each shipment is carefully planned and facilitated in safest manner. We pride ourselves on safety, integrity and low risk. As a result, we are always happy to offer our own insurance options on our loads because they are trustworthy and we can enable timely movement of the vehicles, door to door and undamaged.


If your car is not departing from one of our packing locations, then we can fly out a technical representative to manage the process. This will ensure that our vehicles are always packed according to our own standards. This is often the case with race teams and highly specialised vehicles that clients do not want relocated locally, museum pieces, non-runners and clients opting to assist in the load from their home or business.

We have seen it all in the vehicle shipping industry, and as such have become highly effective at loading all sorts of vehicles within containers. A straight forward load for our company would be 2 vehicles in a 40FT container. Here we lash, tether and secure the vehicles inside the container so that they cannot move no matter how much movement the container encounters on its journey. This may sound simple to some, but please don’t be fooled, even a 2 car load needs specialised equipment and expertise.

More often than not, normal and more conventional shipping companies, are all too happy to gain the addition a vehicle shipment amongst their daily work. We can tell you from experience that this is where it can all start to unravel. Our facilities are specialized for vehicles, which means that besides the most critical part, being the loading, we also specialise in handling the vehicles with local relocations, warehousing and general upkeep of your vehicle. This is particularly important when dealing in specialised vehicles that demand extra care upon handling.

Lets look into the two types of loading systems we use in containers.

Wooden Racking Process:

Our specialised wooden racking technique has been mastered over 30 years.

The wooden racking system that we have developed allows us to customise each load. When the dimensions allow, we can then load vehicles above one another by building secure ramps. This is where it get’s really specialised. Again, please make sure that whoever does your vehicle shipping and is planning on attempting this technique, is actually a vehicle shipment specialist with experience. We go to great lengths to over engineer all our structures so that twice the weight of the vehicle can be supported and we certainly spare no expenses on our equipment.

Our lashings and tethers, which provide lateral support, have breaking strains high enough to support the entire weight of the vehicle. Usually, it is doubled-up for additional safety. Every vehicle is taken care of from the warehouse to loading to the unpack. It’s the complete process that must work in harmony to ensure the safety of the cargo. Scroll through our gallery to see some of our container loads making use of the wooden racking process.

R-Rack System:

The R-Rack System is a relatively new method within the vehicle shipping industry. Essentially, we make use of a steel variable loading system which allows us to load up to 4 vehicles of moderate size…think 4 BMW 3 Series. The R-Rack is much like a lift which one would come across in a car workshop. The Racks are installed into the ribs of the container walls, secured and then the vehicles are loaded, hoisted, tethered and secured in place so that they go in 2 on top of two. Take a look at this short video which shows the process very clearly:

And then we still have 2 more type of shipping methods for motor vehicle shipping:

1. RORO (Roll on Roll off)

This is essentially a specialised carrier type of vessel that loads all manner of vehicles on its decks. Have a look at our logo at the top of the webpage and you can make out what we talking about here. This type of vehicle shipping is critical for when we ship larger vehicles that cannot fit inside containers. Only specific ports around the world will take in these specialised ships which need to dock with space for vehicles to be driven onto and off of the vessel. Think Mediterranean Ferry crossings between islands to give you a mental picture. It is of particular importance here that you provide us with the weight, dimensions and picture of your vehicle.

The more information we receive, the better we can determine which shipping method to make use of. An example of this type of key info could be an Overlander vehicle vehicle that is 2,8m high (too high for a container). Yet, the roof top racks and tents may be removable so we could make use of container sharing by temporarily removing the rack. Also note that when you ship Roro, your vehicle must be completely empty with no personal goods inside. With container shipping, you can pack your vehicle plus we have the extra possibility of packing in Cubic Meters of your personal goods.

The perception is often that Roro is the cheapest method of shipping a normal type of car, but when you factor in our container sharing platform, that is more often than not, not true. Our container sharing platform, on our regular routes between our various global branches, allows us to reduce the price per unit for our clients.

For more details with regards to RORO shipping, please visit our FAQ section.

2. Break Bulk – Also known as General Cargo

This type of shipping is typically reserved for commercial cargo, which will need to be loaded individually by crane onto the ships hold. It is not as common as it once was, however, we use it for certain types of cargo and routes which have been found to be reputable. An example would be moving a truck from a port that doesn’t offer a Roro service, where there is no or little option in relocating that vehicle locally to another suitable port.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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