Caravan Shipping

Caravan Shipping


Seabrook Cargo Services provides the best caravan shipping services that you can find. This is a part of the transportation industry that our business really enjoys as we ship thousands of caravans every year.

Seabrook offers Safe, reliable, timely and inexpensive door–to–door shipping.

Caravans are shipped all over the world with our popular routes being:

  • Exporting caravan from USA – we transport manufacturers’ caravans to their depots.
  • Caravan shipping from the UK to Europe – helping you import caravans from the UK to Belgium, France, Germany, and Spain mainly.
  • Caravan transport to Australia and New Zealand – besides the normal trade of caravan sales, Seabrook Cargo Services moves many caravans and campers for holiday makers.
  • Caravan shipping into South Africa – we provide all the necessary services to companies importing caravans, motorhomes, trailers and RV’s into South Africa
  • Caravan shipping to Dubai from USA and Europe – the UAE has a large market for caravans. We ship them into Dubai from the popular manufacturers.

Caravan Shipping Conditions:

  • 98% of our caravan shipments are containerized. Depending on the size, we can get one or two caravans in a 40 FT HQ.
  • We put carton over your windows and lights in order to protect them during transport
  • We attach rolls of foam on the sides of your caravan
  • We put isolation foam plates between the sides of the container and the caravans.

All these caravans fit tightly into the container and to make sure we do not damage them, all the above precautions are taken, and more, to protect your caravan from any damage.

We ship brand new caravans as well second hand/ used caravans. We take off the axels of the older caravans to make sure we can get 2 bigger caravans in a 40 FT HQ.

Really large caravans, as with many motorhomes, are also shipped using a Roro service. This is where the vehicle is driven or towed onto the platform of specialized ships, which then sail to destinations. Roll on Roll off for caravans is a normal way of shipping. In fact, most people / companies ship this way, we however, prefer containerized shipping where possible.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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