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Dubai shipping : Our speciality is shipping cars, boats and bikes, personal effects and commercial cargo from Dubai to all destinations in the world and for cars from Europe and the USA to Dubai and from USA and Europe to Dubai

Shipping cars to and from Dubai (Jebel Ali)is what we do, We provide the best shipping services and cheapest rates to export a car from Dubai (Jebel Ali) or to Dubai (Jebel Ali)

United Arab Emirates. We have a weekly service with multiple containers with cars and boats per week going from Dubai (Jebel Ali) to Antwerp (Belgium), Antwerp is the gateway for Europe, look at the map and see the geographical central location.

On the map of Europe. For cargo to Italy, to Spain, To France, to Germany, to Romania, To Hungaria, To Sweden, to Denmark etc.. Antwerp is the perfect gateway, way more then any other port in Europe The fact that we have our own warehouse in Dubai and in Antwerp for sure helps the coordination Of your shipments.

We also have a weekly service for cars from USA and Europe, mainly from Antwerp (we collect all cargo, cars all over Europe and ship them over Antwerp), from USA we load through the ports of Charleston and New York mainly.

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Our popular routes for Imports are:

We load cars on a weekly basis in USA in the ports of New York, Charleston and Los Angeles.

A partner company of ours collects vehicles throughout the USA at local addresses and relocates them to our warehouse for loading. We ship to both major ports: Jebel Ali and Abu Dhabi. Seabrook’s Cape Town branch sends regular consolidation services from South Africa into Jebel Ali, Dubai.

Antwerp is our main port of exit in Europe. Here is where we consolidate cars into shared containers, which have been relocated from all areas of Europe including Switzerland.

Import procedures in Dubai:

When importing into United Arab Emirates, we need the following documents :

  • Passport copy
  • Copy of the invoice of purchase
  • Original Title or ownership papers of the car
  • UAE Visa

Authorisation letter for customs clearance

Full address and contact details in United Arab Emirates

When importing into United Arab Emirates you only pay duties of 5 %, you do not pay VAT on your car.

Seabrook’s Dubai branch, with its world renowned loading experience, can be utilised for Dubai exports.


Our popular routes for Exports are:

Consolidation services and FCL services for export of cars are focused in Rotterdam, Antwerp, Italy and other ports in Europe, however we still offer shipments to all ports in the world where we have regular consolidation services.

Read up on shared containers here

Export procedures in Dubai

In order to export cars from Dubai to other countries we need the following documents:

An export certificate, which needs to be obtained by the owner of the vehicle. This can easily be collected from Traffic Department in only 30 minutes – speak to us for advice on this process.

Once the owner of the car has the export certificate he hands this over to our Dubai Seabrook representative together with the following documents:

  • Copy of UAE Visa
  • Passport copy
  • ID copy of vehicle owner
  • Car Registration papers

This is a process we can make simple and efficient for our customers.

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