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Seabrook has focused efforts in the motorhome shipping industry for over 10 years. We provide clients with door to door transporting of their motor-homes. If you are considering relocating your motor home for an extended holiday, or permanently, then we know exactly how to help you. We are specialists in mobile home shipping, whether you are moving a large or small motor home. We are contracted to manufacturers of mobile homes as well as their shipping lines for the shipment of their products.

Seabrook Cargo Services services all types of mobile-home shipping:

  • RV
  • Camper
  • Campervan
  • Mobile Home
  • Winnebago
  • Caravan
  • Coach
  • Bus
  • Van

Seabrook Cargo Services – Your trusted shipping partner

We will customize your motorhome shipping depending on the size and required route of your shipment. Seabrook Cargo Services motorhome shipping offers RORO – Roll on, Roll off shipping, which is where your vehicle is transported via a large shipping vessel. It is driven or towed and parked on one of the ships decks. This type of shipment is widely used for larger vehicles such as coaches, RV’s, Busses and campers.

Our motorhome shipping service also includes containerized shipping for the smaller motor-home vehicles. Seabrook are specialists in the loading and packing your vehicle into large containers. Caravans, vans, campervans, motorhomes and smaller RVs are predominantly shipped in this manner.

Seabrook Cargo Services Shipping will advise you of the best possible method, route and service for your shipment. We take every precaution to ensure that your motor-home is transported safely in the correct loading and packing methods. We also have comprehensive insurance options available for your peace of mind.

We ship motorhomes globally, however our popular motorhome shipping routes include end-to-end shipping to the beautiful country of New Zealand.

  • USA to New Zealand
  • Dubai to New Zealand
  • Europe to New Zealand
  • Australia to New Zealand
  • UK to New Zealand

If you’re looking for a solution, Seabrook Cargo Services Shipping is on hand to deliver timely service that is safe and reliable to transport your motorhome to its destination.

Call our logistic representative from your shipping country of interest and get a competitive motor car shipping rate.

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