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Seabrook is the single biggest importer of private vehicles into New Zealand. This beautiful country plays host to thousands of international tourists visiting every year in their Motorhomes, RV’s, Campervans, Winnebagos, Caravans, Motorcycles, overlanders and general cars as they flock to drive across the unparalleled beauty from coast to coast. Our volumes contracts allows Seabrook Shipping NZ to offer the highest frequency of sailings, shortest transit times and of course, the most competitive rates. Shipments into New Zealand for vehicles come in mostly via Roro for the big vehicles and containerised shipping NZ for more normal sized vehicles shipped. The biggest movement of this trade is from the USA where we predominatley ship from ports on New York, Jacksonville, Charleston, Baltimore and Galveston through our USA RoRo shipping services.

We focus our efforts into Auckland we where offer consolidated shipments, shared containers and multiple vehicles on Roll on Roll off shipping vessels into New Zealand. These vehicles literally come from all over the world which means making use of Seabrook Cargo Services International pays as the vast experience in vehicle shipping ensures your cargo is shipped effectively into New Zealand. Popular countries of origin include Europe, South Africa, USA, Canada, France, Spain,, Italy, Germany and the UK.

Its a door-to-door shipping service into New Zealand – we arrange everything where all charges including customs clearance on both sides. An example could be where we ship hundreds of New Caravans for NZ Caravan dealers into New Zealand every year from France. We facilitate the entire process from start to end including the loading, paperwork, shipment, clearances, MPI inspection, unpack, border control, escort service and onto the delivery of multiple units to various outlet branches around New Zealand.

The popular New Zealand Ports we ship to, relocate to, tranship to are: Port Nelson (NZ NSN), Centre Port Wellington (NZ WLG), Lyttelton Port of Christchurch (NZ LYT)…and also: The Port of Tauranga, The Port of Hamilton and Dunedin.

Shipping cars into NZ originates mostly from London Gateway & Felixstowe of the UK, Antwerp from Belgium, Europe and from Cape Town in South Africa. Our consolidation service means we can offer you the best rates as we offer shared container rates in 40FT HQ shipping containers.

USA to New Zealand Motorhome Shipping
South Africa to New Zealand vehicle shipping
Europe to NZ Caravan shipping
UK to NZ car shipping

General Info for Importing vehicles into New Zealand is as follows: This information changes from time to time as governments amend rules and regulations so it is always advised thats on contacts our team to find out the information specific to your case.

Personal vehicles coming in permanently must have been owned for more than 12 months by the importer in order to qualify for a duty fee import. Cars that are not personal imports must be euro 4 emission compliant unless they are over 20 years old. NZ import taxes are 0 % duties on cars and 15 % GST on the depreciated value plus the shipping cost. No GST is payable in case they come in as personal imports On Motorhomes the duties are 10 % and the GST on the landed value is 15 % GST, the caravans have only 5 % duties and 15 % GST on landed value

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