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Bike Shipping / Motor Cycle Shipping

Seabrook specialises in shipping all vehicles- bikes included.

We ship all types of new motorcycles: from those directly from manufacturers to bike collectors relocating their classic collection. The key is always space combined with safety. As loading specialists, we know exactly which methods should be employed to best ship your bike.

Container shipping is what we use for motorbikes. Depending on the size and type of the bike, we load accordingly. This could be in the form of a manufacturer type metal crate, a custom wooden crate or simply strapping a bike to the floor. It may sound easy to some, but all of our loading techniques and expertise have been developed over 30 years and have therefore been tried and tested while Seabrook has specialised in the vehicle shipping business.

Seabrook is skilled in safely loading the most number of motorbikes into a single container. This is paramount for dealers, manufacturers and collectors who are always looking to maximise space to result in reducing unit costs. Of course this is where our loading skills and expertise play a vital role. We provide a seal of approval when we load and we also offer very competitive insurance options to our clients.

Motorcycle shipping is much like motorcar shipping, yet we understand the difference and are well experienced in dealing with the differences that there are between the two types of vehicles. As a client, one is not only looking for the best price, but also the right company with the best reputation with loading and shipping vehicles. This is what we pride ourselves in. Paperwork is often overlooked by many shipping companies looking to move more cargo, however, with Seabrook, we are not shipping cargo, we are shipping vehicles and we understand the importance therof. It’s this fundamental difference in our approach that provides our clients with the confidence that we can deliver a motorbike undamaged, and with the correct paperwork, so that the process is smooth and efficient from start to finish, door to door.

Different types of Motor Cycle Shipping we handle:

  • Superbike shipping
  • Harley Davidson shipments
  • Dragster bike shipping
  • Race bike and race team shipments
  • Classic bikes relocated
  • Vintage motorcycles shipped
  • Non-runner bikes shipped
  • Restoration motorbike shipped door to door
  • Pit Bikes shipped
  • Bike parts LCL shipping
  • FCL of many bikes shipped
  • Palleted motor bikes shipped
  • Crated motorcycles shipped
  • Motor Cycle Shipping

You name it, Seabrook has shipped it!

Seabrook has a wide range of popular routes around the world where we focus on co-load shipping. Essentially we are able to combine varying client loads into the same conatiner and by doing so, we can offer the best rates as each client pays a unit rate relative to the size of their vehicle. When shipping bikes of less than 5 in number, this is of course our first prize to arrange a co-load. As you can imagine a little Pit Bike strapped in a container will carry a lesser rate than a large, crated Harley Davidson, but, nonetheless, we are still able to offer the best rates for bike shipping!

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